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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Energy and Environment. World’s Largest Wind Farm Proposed for Iowa. Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and MidAmerican Energy Co. will unveil plans to develop the largest land-based wind farm in the world. The $323 million project would be built in northwest or north-central Iowa and will have 180 to 200 wind turbines generating 310 megawatts. The full story may be read at: (353)

Monday, March 24, 2003
Energy and The Economy. Wired Magazine on Five Steps to Move from Oil to the Hydrogen Economy. The cover story of the 10th anniversary issue of Wired magazine contains a story on a five-point plan to "end the oil era." The five points include: 1) solve the hydrogen fuel tank problem - the main question being whether to carry the fuel in gas, liquid or solid form; 2) encourage mass production of fuel cells - speed the development and mass commercialization of fuel cells; 3) convert the fueling infrastructure to hydrogen; 4) ramp up hydrogen production with a focus on renewable sources; and 5) mount a public campaign to sell the hydrogen economy. The full story may be found at: (352)

Sunday, March 23, 2003
The Economy: New Report Suggests $40 Billion in Savings from Online Real Estate Transactions. A report issued by the Progressive Policy Institute on March 19, 2003 suggests that savings of $40 billion per year could be realized with removing barriers to online real estate transactions. The report details the needed policy and implementation steps and may be found at: (351).

Issues and Trend Watch Publications: April Issues Watch Issued. Minnesota Planning issues a monthly issue and trend watch. Areas covered include: economic development, education, environment, government administration, health care, social trends and culture and transportation. The April 2003 issue is now available at: (350)