The Pulse: Citizens League Issues Scan

"The Pulse", the Citizens League issue scan looks at topics of interest to members of the Citizens League (

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Friday, May 17, 2002
Transportation. Today I drove a hybrid electric gasoline car for the first time for about ten miles in Southeast Minnesota. The car, a Toyota Prius four door, was almost eerily quiet with good pick up. During braking energy was recovered from momentum of the car. The mileage for the tank of gas was on the color LCD screen on the dash at 44.7 miles per gallon. This could be the "next big thing" in vehicles until fuel cells are perfected and come down a lot in price. (3)

Wednesday, May 15, 2002
Energy. The Union of Concerned Scientists has a two page plan detailing an energy mix for Minnesota that would involve 20% renewable energy. 55% would come from biomass, 44% from wind, and 1% from landfill gas. Carrying out this strategy would produce $39 million in lease payments to farmers, ranchers and other rural landowners from windpower. (2)

Citizens League Issue Scan. Starting in mid May 2002, issues that have been studied by the Citizens League will be updated with information gleaned from the web and written documents. If members have items that they would like to see posted on the site, please email them to (1)